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Where Will Tourism Go To Next?

Where Will Tourism Go To Next?

Tourism has always been integrated into the economy of the world. On one hand, when it caused the wealthy to spend money to gain some rest and relaxation, the same money goes to help families of developing countries which are often cited as the world’s top tourist destinations.


The world population is aging and with it the amount of silver haired tourists are increasing. It’s a great time for anyone who possesses a travel and tourism diploma from Bill Healy Travel Pty Ltd to get into work since so many tourist destinations are hiring. While the ‘silver-haired’ category of tourists are driving a business boom in the area of luxury tourist hotels and high-end properties, the millenials have taken a rather different approach.


“Backpacking” culture is said to have originated in the 1960s with the dawn of the hippie trail. Today it’s a phenomenon practiced by millions of young people worldwide. The cost effectiveness and increased sense of adventure have made it appealing to many while many conservative politicians across the world have described it as an activity that does not add any significant value to the economy.


Nevertheless, the tourism industry is set to become one of the most lucrative fields of work when considering the scientific and technological developments coming forth today. The possibility of increased job automation poses a variety of effects such as severe cost reduction in manufacturing processes, which in turn will result in more income being spread among humans. This will expand the people’s spending capacity of which a fair share can be assumed to be delivered to the tourism industry. So all of you with a diploma of travel and tourism online can shed a sigh of relief, there’s more chance of you receiving an increment than there is of you getting laid off.There are certain aspects that affect tourism negatively, however. Just recently, a terrorist attack conducted on Sri Lankan soil by extremists left a body count of around 250 and severely affected the nation’s buzzing tourism industry. Official sources say that the tourism industry suffered a drop of 20% due to the direct and indirect effects of this attack. Keeping events like that in mind, it is the responsibility of every government to ensure the safety of its nation in order to keep the promising global tourism industry on its upward trajectory. Political tensions also play a major role in destabilizing a country’s tourism and economy as a whole, since many tourists do not like to risk their lives by traveling in countries where civil uprisings are imminent. Rest assured the future of tourism looks very bright, if we can hold onto the peace that encourages it.

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