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Popular A&D Scales For Health And Fitness

A&D scales

In the health care industry, precise weight measuring is critical. Patient health can be quickly gauged by a person’s weight, which can frequently be the earliest sign of an underlying ailment. Weight is also considered when selecting drug dosages and the best overall treatment strategy for a patient.

To ensure the safety of their patients, hospitals and doctors must employ high-precision scales to weigh their patients accurately. As a result of inaccurate readings, patients may be given the wrong diagnosis and medicine dosage, leading to further health issues.

Health care weighing devices and scales are A&D scales specialty. Their products can be used in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and more.

A&D’s WCS Wheelchair Scale is a popular health scale.

Designed for people who use a wheelchair, the WCS Wheelchair Scale is a highly portable platform scale. An easy-to-use wheelchair with a low-profile ramp and safety rails is included.

Its large weighing area, 300-pound weight capacity, and 50-gram precision make this scale ideal for motorized and manual wheelchairs. Setting up is easier with the separate indicator display because it can be positioned exactly where you want it.

Scales for Weight Loss

There is an A&D bariatric scale specifically designed for patients who are unstable or obese. Unstable patients can safely and comfortably weigh themselves using a low-profile stainless-steel platform and a high-strength handrail support.

The scale has a maximum capacity of 300 kg with 100-gram increments, making it easy to clean and hygienic. Additionally, it has a 7-digit Vacuum Fluorescent Display with 18mm high characters and a numeric keypad and function keys that are simple to use.

PW-200-FG Scale for Patients

The professional appearance of this 200kg personal weighing scale made in Australia is ideal for use in health care facilities. Its high precision (20g increment) makes it an excellent choice for nutritional assessment and/or weight management in general offices and weight loss clinics.

An LCD monitor, RS-232C interface, and a big non-slip weighting platform are all included in the A&D Patient Scale.

Scale for chairs HVL-CS

Patients who cannot stand upright can benefit greatly from the ergonomic design of the A&D chair scale. A two-button keypad makes it quick, accurate, and easy to use. The locking casters and soft white plastic seats make this a safe choice for patients of all ages.

The chair scale can weigh up to 150 kilograms and features a 20-gram precision and digital calibration. Scales come with additional features such as a push handle that makes it easy to move around, a high-visibility display that can be seen from numerous angles, and an auto power-down mode to conserve battery life. For more information please contact:

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