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How To Make Your Wedding More Memorable By Customizing Your Own Wine Glasses?

Your wedding is one of the most significant days in your life to be cherished for as long as you live. Reliving the entire day after it would be a desire unmet and therefore making it the most special and unique days is a task we all seek to achieve. While your memories can be reflected upon by viewing pictures and videos taken a more rare and unique way to ponder upon your big day is if you personalize something. Personalized wine glasses are a unique way of cherishing this memory. Not just the shape of it but engraving a message or a date on the glass undoubtedly makes it more unique and special in many ways to celebrate an occasion such as this.

Unlike customizing perfect wine labels where you stick to a font, engraving on your glass includes various options to it. Here are some engraving ideas:


Etching a monogram on the glass would make the couple undoubtedly cherish their wedding day. It would symbolize a lovely new chapter and a fresh beginning and thus leading them back to their wedding day.

A quote

No matter how cheesy or mainstream a quote gets, it always gets to us. It would certainly touch the hearts of the couple and definitely the ones of whoever reads it later on. You may choose to go optional on the quote genre, either witty or humorous, making them gaze at their glass every time would make the couple happy and smile about it.


If desired to simply celebrate the wedding in its significance then a basic commemorative glass is a classical option. The name of the bride and groom plus the date of the wedding engraved on the glass will commemorate its basic significance. This still would withhold its special meaning and tie to an emotional bond along with a sentimental attachment to it.

How to find the most reliable place to get your glasses engraved

Hiring a suitable and experienced country in this field is most essential when you want to get the job done right after selecting the type of engraving you choose to get. Make sure, in order to receive a quality and long lasting product, that the company selects restaurant grade wine glasses. A legitimate company should have the option of engraving for a pair of glasses ad well as for a whole load of glasses for an order. When you handover your personalized design, the company should be able to needlessly provide you a sample at first and later help you make suitable changes and carry on with the permanent order. They should be a professional at this task or else the work may lead to a low quality and unreliable product.

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