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Products Available Under The Banner Of Niuli Machinery Manufacture

Niuli Machinery manufacture has been operating business for a long time. We are offering our manufacturing services in Australia. We have a huge range of products available under the umbrella of Niuli manufacture. Our aim is to provide quality machinery which helps organisations in performing their task in less time, so that they could produce more thing at a same time. Our main focus is towards facilitating the industries so we make products for them. We have highly experienced staff working with us and we provide quality products to our customers.

The Shop:Following are the products that we offer to our customers.

• Platform Trolley:

A platform trolley is used to shift small cartons from one place to another. It is mainly used in malls and even in shops to transfer products from one shelf to another.  A person is needed to drag a trolley. It can carry 150 kg of stuff at one time.

• Forklift Seat:

We have Forklift seats available in our shop. We have designed special seats for a driver who driver forklift. The seat that we have designed in comfortable and has two handles in t. The handles are flexible and driver can adjust it according to needs. A seat belt is also given for the safety of a driver.

• Spare Parts:

We also deal in spare parts of trolleys, lifters, pallets for sale, jacks etc. As we all know, the spare parts is as necessary as the main product. After a lapse of time, the main parts get damaged so we need to change them. We have all the spare parts available of all the models.

• Motor Pallet Jack:

A motorized pallet jack is operated with a motor. A motor is already installed in the pallet jack. The purpose of pallet jack is to carry, lift and place the product on its right place. A motor can be replaced if it has some issues. It is operated by a driver and can easily roam around in a warehouse. There is no special license is required to drive a pallet jack only training is needed.

• Electric Pallet Jack:

The purpose of electric jack is same as the more pallet jack. The only difference is that it doesn’t have a motor in it. To use it, we need electricity. We can charge it prior of using it or we can directly connect it to the current and the flow of current allows it to start. We can use it without any issues and complications.So, if you want to invest in buying above products, you should go through our website and let us know your requirements.

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