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Plastics Play Such A Big Role In Pollution

Plastics Play Such A Big Role In Pollution

Plastic can be used in many forms and easily available anywhere, can be recycled and molded into many other objects in different ways. It is the most used and helpful in making of more than two goods in no time.


Plastic is made out of natural gas, coal or sometime plastics are made by making lots of plastic substance go through poly condensation process.
Till now we have the basics info about plastics in our minds and that it is used not only in homes for home purposes products but also in industrialization and offices. Almost 80% of solid objects are made up of plastics somehow.

For example:: In homes we have plastic bin bags for dustbin ,plastic bins, wall clocks and in kitchen we have some utensils made from plastic too and much more. In offices we have numbers of objects too, common water cooler, straws for refreshment purpose, wall clocks and many solid objects that we rarely notice in our daily lives.

Now let’s know something important about plastic mega bins and bottles:

Plastic mega bins:

Plastic mega bins are used for different purposes in different areas/countries.

In Australia they are used as shelf for fruits and vegetables storage. They not only provide the product smooth surface and damage free corners but also keep the product fresh and bruise free. Plastic mega bins has lots of advantages, they are mostly installed in big markets and used as transferring and moving products especially edible ones.

Plastic bottles:

In today’s time, plastic bottles are playing essential role in ones live, plastic bottles can be used to store any liquid for a limited time. These bottles can be recycled and transformed easily into any other objects as they are available in good 5 to 6 sizes. Most importantly, in homes school/college children can have whatever they like in water or any juice. And if car purpose one can store water in a bottle for as long as needed to cool down the car engine and everyone nowadays wants some portable to carry with them so it’s helpful for the ones in need, simply fill it and carry to the place wherever you want to take it to.

Also, let’s discuss some disadvantages of plastic:

Q: Is plastic harmful if not used for only a particular time period?

Yes, of course, if it not used for limited given time only than it is harmful to health, for example;

When a person uses plastic normal bottle for drinking water purpose with him and filling it again and it gets empty and then filling it again and drinking then it gets empty so after sometime he will notice that the bottle starts to get damage from the bottom and it looks not so in good condition as it was before the first time use. So, if he will continue the use of it will lead the person to suffer from some minor health issues which can get big after continuing the same.

In the end I would like to conclude it by advising to the ones reading this that we should keep the balance in everything we use in life.

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