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How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Invitation?

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Invitation?

Is your big day a couple of months away? Then it is time to start designing your invitation cards. It is extremely important to print your invitations at least few months before your wedding. Usually, your guests get to know all important details about your wedding through your invitation. Therefore, you cannot change it afterwards. So, make sure to confirm the basic details of your wedding before designing the wedding invitations. When designing your wedding invitations there are many things to focus on.

Basics you need to know

Your wedding invitation should match the theme and the colors of your wedding. The reason for this is that it gives a hint to the guests, so that they can arrange their clothing accordingly. Especially, you should know your colors. For example, if your wedding decorations are done with classic colors like white, gold, pink or ivory you can go for an amazing rose gold wedding invitations. Next you need is to select a size for your invitation. It is appropriate to keep the invitation card simple and small in size, because it will be easy to post them if needed and guests can carry it even inside a purse. Then you need to select a paper type for your invitation. There are different types of papers such as matt, metallic, textured, or even recycled. Again remember to choose a paper type according to the theme. So if you are going for a garden wedding, you can choose an eco-friendly paper type. Furthermore, if you want to add some glamor, you can combine it with another type of paper. It is always good to have your own ideas on designing an invitation since that way your card will be unique. Then the last detail you need to include is RSVP information. It is usually printed on the bottom right corner or on a separate enclosure with a deadline to confirm their participation. And finally remember to print more invitations than needed.

Consider your costs

Planning a wedding is very expensive, therefore you need to cut off unnecessary expenses as much as possible. If you are out of budget, you can avoid things such as wedding place cards and instead you can use a common information board to direct the guests. Your cost per invitation could be anywhere from $1 to more than $100. It all depends on the material, design, ink, color and printing techniques you select. Always remember to choose things which are suitable for you.  

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