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Things To Keep In Mind When You Want To Become A Vet

Things To Keep In Mind When You Want To Become A Vet

If you ask a child what career they would like to have, they may say Astronaut, Race car driver or even painter. However if you ask a child who loves animals, what their dream job would be, they would say that it to be a vet. After all a job that lets you interact with animals every day while wearing a cool lab coat is pretty awesome right? The answer is yes. Being a vet is an awesome job however it is definitely one that you need to know certain things about before entering the industry.

You need to have a good education and some experience

If you think becoming a vet will only require you to have completed courses, you couldn’t be more wrong. You need have done some courses but you also need a degree. To be able to have a sound education it is necessary that you do your bachelors and some relevant training course for vets. To have a higher chance of being enrolled in such programs it is necessary that you volunteer at a shelter or a veterinary clinic. Experience always makes your application look more attractive to both educational institutes and prospective employers. This is because it shows that you have interest in the field and sincerely want to care for animals. So try to volunteer at a shelter close to your home or do some volunteer service in the nearby clinic in your free time.

It is not about the salary

If you want to earn top dollars this is probably not the career for you. Vets are not paid as much as doctors or lawyers. They sometimes just receive half the salary of an established doctor. However the remuneration is still pretty good at nearly 80,000 aud being the average salary. If you do well in your vet education, then you can probably get more. However as a whole it is still a great career to be in. There is a rising demand for vets and by the time you are done with your education, you would have at least 2 job offers waiting for you.

You need to be ready to welcome any animal

You can’t pick and choose which animal to treat, you need to be open and welcoming to all animals regardless of their species who need your help. Therefore if you are scared of a certain animal, it would be in your best interest to seek help and curb the fear. Try to work on your fear and get over it, you don’t have a choice if you are a vet. Ultimately this career is very fulfilling but it is not one that you ignorantly venture into. Do your research and study about the field and everything that relates to it. The life of an animal will be on your hands and you should be capable of saving it.

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