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Now Shop Stone Tiles From Initial Tiles

Now Shop Stone Tiles From Initial Tiles

At Initial Tiles, tiles made out of stones are one of a kind and they assure that you might not be able to find them elsewhere. Their collection is available in numerous colors and dimensions. So what are you waiting for and shop today, instead shop now! One such piece out of their collection of stone tiles in Sydney can be tracked through the following item number: IT0100259. It is made out of solid granite as well as Bullnose. The approximate thickness of this tile is twenty millimeter and one tile costs only dollar sixty-nine. It is available in two colors: namely black and grey.  This tile comes in two patterns as well: brick pattern and straight lines. The tile is available in four different dimensions: three hundred by three hundred millimeters, three hundred by five hundred millimeter, three hundred by twelve hundred millimeter and four hundred by six hundred millimeter. For a better idea about the tile and its features, it is recommended that you do look at its picture on their webpage.

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This tile is made out of granite because it is definitely the most exquisite and robust of all materials out of which tiles are made. The stone is known for its strength and is finished according to customer satisfaction, such that any place having these kitchen tiles from Sydney would reflect uniqueness of the product being utilized. The look of the stone tile many a times seems as if it is a work of art or an antique addition to the home. Color pallet is also kept limited and decided such that it portrays the general feeling of comfort which is very essential to every home. It is ideal for flooring of your space outdoor, or for the walls in your washroom or living area, depending upon how and where you like it better.

Another kind of stone tile that is worth taking a look at is accessible through the following id number: IT7300081. The approximate thickness of this tile is thirty millimeter. This tile range is made out of a rock known as travertine, and it is available in a light silver color. The color pallet recommended is light in shade, as this way a place looks bigger than its actual size. You can design your kitchen table tops, floor around your bar area, or even a wall with these tiles. They are available in two lengths: six hundred and ten millimeter or two hundred and thirty millimeter. And it cost only dollar seventy nine per piece. It is available in four types of material, one among them is Bullnose. You can also choose between the two patterns they offer: French pattern or brick. For further details look at the image available on the webpage and then decide for yourself!

You must also have a look at this tile made from limestone, with a product number of 1IT7500020. It cost around dollar fifty-five per piece. This tile is available in two thicknesses: fifteen and thirty millimeter. 

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